Back to School! DIY Office Door Sign

Back to school is just around the corner (if not, already started), and here is a practical school project for teachers using the ScanNCut. Supplies: 3 color choices of permanent vinyl (you will need about 2 12×12 sheet in 2 colors and you can use a smaller or scrap piece for the 3rd color), a

DIY Felt Tray Tutorial

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer creates a one-of-a-kind felt box using a fun project from CanvasWorkspace and her ScanNCut. I was looking for a project to create using a small (about 12×12) piece of hand printed fabric I had. I couldn’t figure out what it was big enough for.  And then I found a cute

DIY 3D Apples Project

Take a bite out of your day and make some adorable 3D apples with your ScanNCut. You will need: Patterned paper 12” x 12”, plain green cardstock, ScanNCut, glue, ruler. Makes Three Apples Steps: Download “3D_Apples.fcm” to your machine. Affix a 12” x 12” piece of patterned paper to a low-tack mat. Cut out the

Grill in Style with a Custom BBQ Apron

Summertime grilling is here so ScanNCut Specialist May Flaum created a personalized BBQ apron for her latest outdoor party! BBQ Queen Apron When it comes to hostess gifts, I like to customize to the occasion. This project is a lot of fun, all thanks to the ScanNCutDX! Beginning with a plain apron, I was able

ScanNCut Direct Connection Question

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer explains how to use the Direct Connection method when using your ScanNCut and your PC. I often get asked about the “Direct Connection” method.  As you know, the ScanNCut is a stand-alone machine. It requires no computer or internet to operate.  However, you can use it with either a computer

Welcome Fall with a Leaf Inspired Sign

ScanNCut Specialist May Flaum creates a wonderful ‘Welcome Fall’ sign for decorating the home during autumn. Welcome Fall Sign When it comes to welcoming fall, I’m the first in line! One way I like to do this is with both long term and single season décor. One of my biggest tools? The ScanNCutDX! My ScanNCut