Celebrate National Craft Month with Scantastic Stamps

March 25, 2016By Jackie CUncategorized No Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, crafting expert and educator, is a paid consultant of Brother ScanNCut USA.

I really love the ScanNCut Stamp Starter Kit. It allows me to create my own custom silicone stamps. I put together a short video for you showing how easy it is to create stamps – even stamps that layer! Watch the video for the how-to.

And here is the fancy notebook I created in the video:


Check out how seamless that vinyl is:


And here you can see the three stamps I used to create the layered prints:


Isn’t your mind just going crazy with all the possibilities for what you can create with your ScanNCut and the Stamp Starter Kit?!  It’s incredibly exciting!

Talk to you next week!


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