Customize with Vinyl Cut with ScanNCut

April 1, 2016By Jackie CUncategorized No Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, crafting expert and educator, is a paid consultant of Brother ScanNCut USA.

The ScanNCut does a fantastic job cutting vinyl, especially if you take a few extra steps to ensure that the finished design makes it to your final surface exactly the way you intended!  I always use a transfer sheet when I cut vinyl. It makes the process of perfect placement super easy.

Don’t believe me?  Watch the video:

And here’s the vinyl I cut in the video to decorate the dust cover on my ScanNCut:



Pretty cool?  It would also be an easy way to add your name or logo to any surface.  I kind of want to stick vinyl on everything now…it’s so easy and it looks great!

Talk to you next week!

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