Easter Inspired Garland

March 18, 2019By Brother ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace, Projects, Seasonal Opinion by Paid Consultant

Add some whimsical holiday flair around your home with this colorful Easter inspired Garland project. With hopping bunnies and decorated eggs, this is a great spring time project and one that will look lovely on a doorway, wall or mantel! Create one today!


  • ScanNCut DX
  • CanvasWorkspace Easter Garland
  • Paper/Material: Pick your favorite material and color to create your project
  • Yarn/Thread: Pick your favorite material or color to hang your project
  • ScanNCut accessory tools
  • Rubber cement (or glue stick)

First, cut out the parts. For Part A (the bunny), they come 3 to a page, and for this project, you will need 5 bunnies so repeat this process to get 5.

2. Stack Part C, D-1 and D-2 in that order, and then glue them together to create Easter eggs. See below:

3. Place glue in the center of B and attach it to A. Slightly bend up the ends of the ribbon.

4. Pass the string through the pieces, as shown below.

Now you have a fun holiday garland!