Learn More About the Test Cut Function of the ScanNCut Machine

February 13, 2015By Jackie CUncategorized No Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Today I want to share a ScanNCut technique with you!

The Test Cut Function is an easy way to make sure you’ve got your machine calibrated perfectly to cut whatever you’d like. Watch this video as I walk you through the process.

I start with the design I want to cut selected and I also have the paper I’m going to use scanned in so I know that it fits. I’m going to add Test Cut to determine what to set my blade at to make sure it cuts through this particular paper.

I also discuss updating to the latest software, a free download from Brother, as well as cut speed and cut pressure. What’s the difference between the blade depth, which we adjust directly on the blade, and the pressure? Watch now to learn more!

Thanks for watching! What ScanNCut tips and tricks would you most like to see or would share with other crafters?

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