Make Your Own Leather Earrings

October 5, 2020By Brother ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace, Jewelry, Projects, ScanNCut DX, Tutorials Opinion by Paid Consultant


  • ScanNCut DX SDX85
  • ScanNCut DX standard mat
  • Leather
  • Fish hook earrings
  • Round nose pliers
  • Roller Tool (optional)
  • Pick Tool (optional)
  • CanvasWorkspace
  • Earring design of your choiceSupplies


  1. Create your DIY earring design via CanvasWorkspace Designs
  2. Retrieve data on the ScanNCut DX SDX85 machine to select the earring design createdRetrieve Data from website
  3. Place the leather material facing down on to the standard mat and secure with tapePlace leather on mat
  4. Scan in background to locate exact placement of the material on the matScan background
  5. Drag and place design over the materialDrag design onto machine
  6. Select cut   Cut shapes
  7. Unload the mat of the machine Remove mat from machine
  8. Remove tape and lift leather material to reveal cut out designRemove shapes from cutoutRemove excess leather
  9. Use pick tool to help with hole punch removalMake hole in leather
  10. Using pliers hoop in the earring piecesHoop the hole for earringAdd hook for earring
  11. Repeat for other side


Have fun exploring different earring design shapes, whether you are designing your own or using the built-in ones!

Final earrings