Create Your Own ‘One Little Word’ Necklace

December 18, 2019By Julie Fei-Fan BalzerGifts, Jewelry, Projects Opinion by Paid Consultant

One of the New Years traditions that I’ve adopted is the “One Little Word” challenge. The idea is that instead of a list of New Years Resolutions, you choose one little word to represent your goal(s) for the new year. This year I have chosen the word: “enjoy.” With a new baby in the house, I want to focus on enjoying my life rather than pushing and hustling and trying to get stuff done. As a simple reminder of my resolution, I decided to make a necklace featuring the word,“enjoy.”

In this video tutorial, I show you how to make your own word necklace from start-to-finish:

I hope you enjoyed the video! Now I hope you’ll choose a word for yourself and make your own fabulous necklace!

Talk to you soon!