For Mema and Poppy! A Grandparents Day Gift

ScanNCut Specialist Erin Bassett creates a special, one-of-a-kind gift in honor of Grandparents Day. See all the details below. Grandparents day is coming up and this would be a great gift to make for Grandma for that, any other holiday, or just because. You can customize it to her favorite colors, style, and even the

Why buy when you could DIY?

With a little imagination, know-how and your ScanNCut, you can create a dazzling one-of-a-kind t-shirt! You will need: A T-shirt, heat-transfer vinyl film, fabric, Brother iron-on appliqué sheet, iron, scrap fabric, ScanNCut, standard mat Steps: Download why buy.fcm to your machine. Trim a sheet of heat-transfer vinyl film to about the width and height of

Custom Folder Labels with Brother Foiling Kit

Create custom labels for your home office with the Brother Foil Kit and your ScanNCut. You will need: ScanNCutDX, Brother Foil Kit, white cardstock, contrasting color cardstock, adhesive, tape, folders and binders to customize Steps: To create labels shown in the photos; feel free to adapt these instructions with your own text in CanvasWorkspace for

Have fun with a few Summertime Crafting Projects!

This month, we offer up some fun summertime projects like Honeycomb Wall Decals, Floral Bulletin Board, Summer Letter Garland. Try these projects today! You will need: Honeycomb Wall Decals ScanNCut, roll feeder, Brother vinyl (gold), transfer sheets Floral Bulletin Board ScanNCut, Colorful cardstock (variety of colors), tacks, bulletin board, glue Summer Letter Garland ScanNCut, Colorful

ScanNCut DX Quick Tip: Recalibrate Your Machine

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows you how to recalibrate your machine. Your ScanNCut is a precision machine. I love the magic of Direct Cut because, among other things, it allows me to quickly and easily cut around my stamped images using the machine’s built-in-scanner. If, for some reason, you notice that your ScanNCut is