Vinyl Decals for Home Organization

Need to organize your home? Why not use the ScanNCut DX!! With the ScanNCut and assorted vinyl, you can add fun unique personalization to a variety of bottles and dispensers all over your home. You will need: ScanNCut, Brother vinyl roll in your choice of color, Roll Feeder, Soap/Lotion dispensers, various containers for bathroom organization,

Get ready for Easter, it’s almost here!

ScanNCut Specialist Erin Bassett shows off a spring project to help get your home ready to celebrate with a creative twist on a standard wreath. Supplies: ScanNCutDX machine and accessories12” x 12” White Vinyl3” x 7” White Vinyl5” x 12” Light Pink Vinyl5” x 12” Dark VinylVinyl Transfer Paper11” Circular Wood SignAdhesive RhinestonesFree ScanNCut File

Children’s Alphabet Book

Create a wonderful accordion styled child’s alphabet book with your choice of designs from the ScanNCut. You will need: 12” x 12” Cardstock in an assortment of colors, 12” x 12” chipboard, non-toxic glue, tape, Brother pen holder & black/blue pens, ScanNCut Load the file Book covers.fcm into the machine. Place a sheet of 12”

April Fool’s Day “Sponge Cake” Prank

This holiday, clean up with this fun cake inspired craft! Absorb all the details here! You will need: Large yellow sponges, scissors, exacto knife, craft felt, craft foam, hot glue, High-tack fabric support sheet Note: This project lists the steps to create a 2-layer circular cake (like in the photo). Use a pen to trace

Big Circle Wall Clock

Nothing says ‘what time is it?’ like a big circle wall clock. Using your ScanNCut DX, create colorful vinyl circles in a variety of colors and sizes and, soon, you’ll have all the makings of a fun inspired wall clock. This would be a wonderful and timely addition to a playroom, art room or where

Fly Away Kite Card

Did you know that April is National Kite Month? Well, to get you inspired and ready to soar, ScanNCut Specialist May Flaum creates an up, up and away scan-tastic Kite Card with her ScanNCut DX! One of the things I love about the ScanNCut is the ability to weld pieces right on the machine screen.