Paper Christmas Ornaments

November 20, 2020By Julie Fei-Fan BalzerHome Décor, Paper Crafting Opinion by Paid Consultant

I made some super fun Christmas ornaments using my ScanNCut DX cutting machine, black watercolor paper, and interference watercolor paints! Check it out and learn how to make your very own paper Christmas ornaments!

These are super easy to make:

Ornament Assortment


Purple Ornament


Hanging Ornament


STEP ONE: Cut 3-5 identical symmetrical shapes, like a circle.

Black circle

You’ll note that my circles have a perforation down the middle, but they don’t have to.  You can easily add a perforation line using CanvasWorkspace or the built-in editing functions in your ScanNCut machine.

STEP TWO: Color the shapes with sparkly watercolors.

Multicolor circle

STEP THREE: After they’ve dried, fold the shapes in half.


STEP FOUR: Glue the shapes back-to-back (unpainted side) to each other and put a string through the middle before you glue the last piece in.


You can add a tassel or some beads to the bottom of the ornament if you want.

How easy is that?!  I hope you’ll give this project a try!