Plush Valentine’s Day Heart

February 10, 2021By Erin BassettMixed Media, Seasonal Opinion by Paid Consultant

~Erin Bassett, Brother Crafts Ambassador


These DIY fabric hearts are so fun to make, in part because there’s so much you can do with them! They can be a custom pillow, a snuggly stuffie, an ornament, or a piece of décor. It’s a great way to use up remnants of fabric from other projects too! This easy Valentine’s Day craft is a fun and creative way to share the holiday spirit.


  • ScanNCut machine and accessories
  • Sewing machine and accessories
  • Various pieces of patterned cotton fabric trimmed down to approximately 8.5”x 12”
  • Ribbon
  • Fiber-Fill
  • Buttons (optional)


Finished Product

heart close up