Create a Pop-Tastic Pop-Up Card

December 29, 2019By Julie Fei-Fan BalzerCards, Projects Opinion by Paid Consultant

I made Steve a pop-up birthday card! It’s better in video because you really get to see how it works:

And here are some photos:

I used hand carved stamps to decorate the inside of my card.

This is a “Twist and Pop Up” card. I found a tutorial on YouTube that was comprehensive and super easy to follow. Once I understood how the card went together, I used CanvasWorkspace to create the parts I needed for the card, like the card base:

By taking the time to create a series of .fcm files, it means that I can make this card over and over again with ease! I love how easy the ScanNCut makes my crafting life!

If you enjoy paper crafting, this is a fun one! I hope you’ll give it a try!

Talk to you soon!