Fun Personalized Tumbler

September 28, 2020By Brother ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace, Gifts, Projects, ScanNCut DX, Tutorials Opinion by Paid Consultant

Make the moment personalized by making a fun, custom tumbler with the ScanNCut SDX85.


  • ScanNCut DX SDX85
  • ScanNCut DX Standard Mat
  • Tumbler
  • Craft Vinyl
  • Grid Transfer Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissor
  • Roller Tool (optional)
  • Pick Tool (optional)
  • CanvasWorkspace
  • Lettering font of your choiceMaterials


  1. Measure the area where you would like the name to appear on the tumbler.Measure
  2. Create / size to the area for the tumbler of the personalized name with the font of your choosing via CanvasWorkspace.Canvas
  3. Retrieve data on the Brother ScanNCut DX SDX85 machine to select the font design you’ve created.Retrieve Data Button
  4. Place the color vinyl facing up on the standard mat.Place Vinyl
  5. Scan in background to determine exact placement of material on mat.Scan Background
  6. Drag and place design on the vinyl materialPlace Design
  7. Select half cut setting to cut only through the adhesive vinyl, leaving the backing intact.Select Half Cut Option
  8. Select cut.Cut Vinyl
  9. Remove cut vinyl from mat.Remove vinyl from machine
  10. Peel vinyl to reveal cut out design.Peel back vinyl
  11. Weed out additional vinyl.Remove remaining vinyl
  12. Size / cut transfer paper.Size paper
  13. Place transfer paper over design and lift design.transfer design
  14. Place transfer paper with design over desired position on the tumbler.Place over bottle
  15. Stick in placeStick design onto tumbler
  16. Remove transfer paper leaving behind the cut out designRemove Transfer PaperFinished Bottle
  17. All Done!final product