Cutting Vinyl with the ScanNCut DX

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer walks you through how the ScanNCut DX cuts vinyl. I spent a few hours answering accumulated YouTube questions and I realized that while I’ve done project videos involving cutting vinyl on the ScanNCut DX, I’ve never done a video solely on how to cut vinyl with the DX.  And so

Summer Hosting Tips & Tricks: Drink Glasses

Add some summer time flair to your drink glasses with these fun fruit inspired decals. You will need: Drink glasses (of your choice in type/style), Brother vinyl in various colors, ScanNCut DX, roll feeder, cardstock, twine, non-toxic glue. Steps: For CanvasWorkspace Tag craft: Download 000038A.fcm to your machine. (This is a CanvasWorkspace pattern.) For each

Radiant Single Blossom Bottle Wrap

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows off how to add a stunning single flower to accessorize a delightful hostess gift. Did you know that every month Brother adds 3-4 new FREE projects to CanvasWorkspace Online?  Projects have a photo of the finished design, video instructions, pdf instructions, and all the cut files you need to

Custom Monthly Calendar

Save all the important dates on your very own personalized monthly calendar – perfect for your home, office, or just about anywhere! You Will Need: 14” x 14” cork board, colorful cardstock, ScanNCut, Low-Tack Adhesive mat, non-permanent glue dots, pen or marker, any additional embellishments (like felt, photos, tacks, ribbon etc.) Steps: To create the

Personalized Home Décor

With CanvasWorkspace and the Brother ScanNCut, you can add some creative personalized home décor pieces to make your house feel like a home! Supplies: Wood piece: approx. 36 inches by 12 inches White and Black PaintGold GlitterScanNCut DXRoll FeederVinyl Wood Board: To start off, apply one coat of white paint to your board. Stencils: In

Wood Block Stencil

Design a wood block stencil in CanvasWorkspace, grab some paint and create a one-of-a-kind gift that is both elegant and personal. The layout of the stencils was done in CanvasWorkspace. Once that was complete, I loaded a mat with vinyl and cut out with my ScanNCut. The pieces that needed to be cut were identified