Vinyl Decals for Home Organization

Need to organize your home? Why not use the ScanNCut DX!! With the ScanNCut and assorted vinyl, you can add fun unique personalization to a variety of bottles and dispensers all over your home. You will need: ScanNCut, Brother vinyl roll in your choice of color, Roll Feeder, Soap/Lotion dispensers, various containers for bathroom organization,

Children’s Alphabet Book

Create a wonderful accordion styled child’s alphabet book with your choice of designs from the ScanNCut. You will need: 12” x 12” Cardstock in an assortment of colors, 12” x 12” chipboard, non-toxic glue, tape, Brother pen holder & black/blue pens, ScanNCut Load the file Book covers.fcm into the machine. Place a sheet of 12”

April Fool’s Day “Sponge Cake” Prank

This holiday, clean up with this fun cake inspired craft! Absorb all the details here! You will need: Large yellow sponges, scissors, exacto knife, craft felt, craft foam, hot glue, High-tack fabric support sheet Note: This project lists the steps to create a 2-layer circular cake (like in the photo). Use a pen to trace

Big Circle Wall Clock

Nothing says ‘what time is it?’ like a big circle wall clock. Using your ScanNCut DX, create colorful vinyl circles in a variety of colors and sizes and, soon, you’ll have all the makings of a fun inspired wall clock. This would be a wonderful and timely addition to a playroom, art room or where

Give someone your heart for Valentine’s Day!

Brother ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has the perfect heartwarming video project, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! It’s super easy to create a customized Valentine’s Day card with a big beautiful pop-up heart inside when you have a ScanNCut! This is an easy project that you can customize with your own text, fonts,

Love Custom Jewelry? Make Your Own Custom Pieces!

Hey there! Today I want to share a fun jewelry DIY with you. These earrings are made from paper, but nobody will be able to tell! Watch the video for the how-to: I think they’re super cute!  If earrings aren’t your thing, you can easily use paper beads to make a keychain, Christmas ornaments, bracelets, or even a fabulous