CanvasWorkspace for Mac

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer talks about downloading and using CanvasWorkspace for Mac. Good news: CanvasWorkspace for Mac® is here!  If you have a Mac computer, you can now download a version of CanvasWorkspace to use on your computer.  Some of the features that are different from the online version include: Ability to work offline

Valentine’s Heart Pen Holders

With the ScanNCut DX, you can dress up everyday objects in a creative, heartfelt way! Create something fun today! Let’s create some Valentine’s Heart Pen holders! 1) Open CanvasWorkspace and select new project.2) Under the basic, select the ‘heart shape’ and resize to 3×3.3) Select another heart and size to .75 x .754) Select a

Scanner Level Switch

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei Fan Balzer explains what the 1 and 2 lever is on the left hand side of the ScanNCut DX. For a nice clean scan, just remember, raise the scanner glass to “2” to protect it from getting scratched or dirty.  Lower it to “1” to get a nice clean scan! It’s

Turn Stamps Into Drawings with ScanNCut

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, crafting expert and educator, is a paid consultant of Brother ScanNCut USA.  This video shares a whole new way of thinking about your vast stamp collection: use it to create drawings of any size! I designed the stamp that you can see me using in the video. As a designer who makes