Cool ScanNCut Feature: The Smoothing Tool

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows off a handy cool feature on the ScanNCut called the Smoothing Tool. One of the things that I love about the ScanNCut is the various options it offers so you can achieve the results you want – you just have to experiment with different methods of getting there! You

Recycling Bin Decals

Get into the recycling habit with these professional looking recycling bin decals. Just in time for Earth Day! You will need: Brother vinyl (we used 3 different colors), Roll Feeder, three recycling bins, contact paper, ScanNCut Load the cutting file “aluminum.fcm” into your machine. Cut the file using your choice of colored Brother vinyl and

Wood Block Stencil

Design a wood block stencil in CanvasWorkspace, grab some paint and create a one-of-a-kind gift that is both elegant and personal. The layout of the stencils was done in CanvasWorkspace. Once that was complete, I loaded a mat with vinyl and cut out with my ScanNCut. The pieces that needed to be cut were identified

Earth Day Tote: Reduce! Reuse! Recraft!

With Earth Day around the corner, why not make a handy-dandy reusable tote bag for groceries, vacations, and so much more! Follow the steps below to create your very own Earth Day tote! Supplies: Heat transfer vinyl Canvas tote bagsScanNCut DX SDX225ScanNCut toolsCanvasWorkspaceIron (if needed) Open CanvasWorkspace (the laptop or online version) and choose your

Vinyl Decals for Home Organization

Need to organize your home? Why not use the ScanNCut DX!! With the ScanNCut and assorted vinyl, you can add fun unique personalization to a variety of bottles and dispensers all over your home. You will need: ScanNCut, Brother vinyl roll in your choice of color, Roll Feeder, Soap/Lotion dispensers, various containers for bathroom organization,

Children’s Alphabet Book

Create a wonderful accordion styled child’s alphabet book with your choice of designs from the ScanNCut. You will need: 12” x 12” Cardstock in an assortment of colors, 12” x 12” chipboard, non-toxic glue, tape, Brother pen holder & black/blue pens, ScanNCut Load the file Book covers.fcm into the machine. Place a sheet of 12”