Create an Inspiring Vision Board

January 3, 2020By Brother ScanNCutCards, Home Décor, Projects Opinion by Paid Consultant

Start 2020 off strong by converting your basic bulletin board to an inspiring vision board!

You will need:


3D Bulletin Board Flowers

1. Download “BulletinBoard_Flowers.fcm” to your machine.
2. Select the colors you’ll use for the flowers. This cut file contains pieces to make three flowers with alternating colors; you’ll want to align one of the colors on the top of the mat and one of the colors along the bottom.
3. Cut out the flower pieces and set aside.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 with two more cardstock colors.
5. Download “BulletinBoard_Leaves.fcm” to your machine.
6. Choose a green paper color and affix to the mat. Cut out the leaf shapes.
7. Begin popping out the flower pieces into their more 3-D shapes; do this by layering the flaps of the petal shapes slightly on top of each other to make a slight conical shape. Glue the pieces in place.
8. Use a pencil to add a curve to the petals.
9. Layer the small, medium, and large pieces together to create the flower!
10. Fold the leaf shapes slightly in the center to make them look more 3-D.
11. Use tacks in the center of the flowers and on the corners of the leaves to add them decoratively to your vision board!

2020 Banner, Quote + Goals Cutouts

1. Download “Vision Board.pdf” to your computer and print out on a paper of your choice (we recommend white cardstock).
2. Take the printed-out designs and trim down the excess paper. Apply to a low-tack mat and load into the machine.
3. Download “vision board cutouts.fcm” to your machine.
4. Use the scanning function to check and align the cutting files to the printouts.
5. Cut out the designs.
6. Use a small length of string or twine and some glue along the back of the cutouts to create the 2020 banner.
7. Use tacks and adhesive as needed to attach the other cutouts to the bulletin board.
8. Embellish your vision board with personalized elements, like photos, postcards, lists, notes, and more. Get creative and make it your own!